Your Professional Address in India

Virtual Office

Get a premium address without the overhead costs of leasing a physical space

  • GST and business address registration
  • Good for startups, freelancers, and SMBs
  • Mail & package receipt and storage as VAS


what you get when you purchase Virtual Office services

Mailing Service

Mail and package receipt and storage as a value-added service.

Complimentary Day Passes

Each plan includes 2 complimentary day passes per month based on availability.

Complimentary Meeting Room Access

Each plan offers 1 hr of complimentary meeting room per month based on availability

Storage Space

You get the option to rent a storage space on a monthly rental basis based on the availability of the same

What all we offer: 

What’s in it for you: 

Virtual Office Space with Business Registration. Register your company in any locations where we are present in India with a Virtual Office Address. You will be provided with complete documentation, prime location address & all in-office services.

You will be provided with all the necessary documents required for various registrations like OWS NOC, Landlord NOC, Electricity Bill, Utility Bill of the chosen building, Rent-Agreement, and more.


OYO Workspaces Virtual business address service is ideal for the following company structures:


It is perfect for start-ups or middle-size firms who don't wish to invest huge amounts of money in setting up an office space.

Solo or self-employed professionals

Entrepreneurs who don't have the need for a working space owing to small or freelance teams. From photographers to writers, OYO Workspaces offers professional address and mailing support without paying for an expensive workspace.

Presence in multiple cities

 A virtual workspace is also an easy way to be present in multiple cities without having to spend on multiple physical offices across the cities.

Our Packages & Prices

Our virtual office packages are created to add value to your business and help you grow without the expense and hassle of employing staff or owning your own premises or equipment. 

For best offers, call us on 9999466688 or request a call back.

Experience the space. Innovate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual workspace?

A virtual office allows you to access a professional business center’s services and its address without having to physically sit out of that premises virtual office saves the cost drastically as you don’t need to own the premises, and with a low monthly subscription, you can avail the services of Mailing Address, GST Registration Address or Business Registration Address.

Will any physical office space be provided to the subscribers?

No, but along with every virtual workspace plan offered by OYO Workspaces, the subscribers get 2 complimentary day passes and 1 hr of complimentary meeting room access per month based on availability.

What are the benefits of a virtual workspace?

A virtual workspace provided you with a premium business address that allows you to set up your business registrations remotely. There is no need to pay huge rents just for the sake of having a professional office address.

In which cases can I get a refund?

A full refund will be offered under the following conditions:

  • If our documents are not accepted by the GST department
  • If we are not able to provide any document requested by the department

Own a premium office address

without drilling a hole in your pocket with OYO Workspaces Virtual Office at highly affordable prices.

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